About Madagascar

Republic of Madagascar is an island nation in the Indian Ocean off the southeastern coast of Africa. The island is 587,000 square kilometers (227,000 sq. mi) Madagascar is the world's 46th-largest country and the fourth-largest island. It was a French colony it's slightly larger than France, having a population about Twenty Millions. Madagascar is an up and coming mining country, considered one of the best gold exploration targets in Africa. It has vast potential to host valuable mineral deposits.

There is rapidly increasing recognition that Madagascar is a resource rich country opening its doors to the exploration and development of the mining industry. The government of Madagascar has recognised the mineral potential of the country and is seeking to expand its resource sector. It established a new mining code in 1999, making additional amendments in 2005, and devised financial and fiscal incentive schemes to advance this objective. These initiatives are already having major impacts.

Madagascar's Gold Deposit

Madagascar's valuable gold deposits are classified broadly into two categories, primary and secondary deposits. When it comes to Madagascar's primary gold deposits, they are found in Precambrian metamorphic terrains as veins of gold-bearing quartz, or finely disseminated in the various farcies of the crystalline schist's.

These deposits are classified according to the time period in which they formed: Archean Eon primary deposits, Proterozoic Eon primary deposits and Mesozoic Era gold deposits. Gold is commonly found in Archean terrains, but also in Proterozoic. Secondary deposits are formed through the alteration of primary deposits. The re-concentration of gold by surface waters is a common mechanism in Madagascar that has led to formation of economical grade gold deposits.

These secondary deposits include alluvial deposits, where the secondary material has been transported along slopes. Alluvial processes can form locally valuable deposits, despite a low-grade origin. Old alluvial deposits occur where the gold-bearing sediment is consolidated.

These alluvial deposits are common along valley floors and terraces. Present day alluvial deposits are found in the gravels and sediments of present-day river beds. These have been traditionally the easiest deposits to exploit. More than 80 percent of Madagascar's historical gold production has originated from these deposits.


Doing Business in Madagascar


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