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Gold Potential of Madagascar

Madagascar comprises a fragment of the African Plate, rifted from the vicinity of Tanzania at the time of the breakup of Gondwana some 200 million years ago. At that time Madagascar remained joined with India; moving east-by-south until the late Cretaceous (i.e. approximately 70 million years ago), whereupon the two land masses split apart.

Madagascar is a very interesting geological area having gold mineralization with primary as well as alluvial gold.

Primary Au (Gold) lode occurrences in Madagascar are present in both the Archean and Proterozoic rocks, particularly in greenstone, paragneiss, and schist.

Au (Gold) mineralization usually forms as strata bound and cross-cutting quartz veins, as well as disseminations, Epithermal Au (Gold) is also present in Phanerozoic rocks in the north.

There is considerable potential for placer Au (Gold) deposits in Madagascar.

Primary Deposits

  • Precambrian
  • Mesothermal lode gold
    • Mostly quartz-vein related;
    • Occur in metamorphic terrains of all ages, including high grade terrains;
    • Mineralization mainly in quartz veins, veinlet systems, or as disseminations in heavily tectonized zones
    • Most mineralization is related to steeply dipping reverse faults and shear zones;
    • On a regional scale, the mineralization is associated with major trans-crustal fault zones and small felsic alkali and diorite/granodiorite intrusions.
  • Epithermal veins (Andavakoera-Betsiaka)

Secondary Deposits

  • Alluvial
  • Alluvial Placer
  • Eluvial
  • Laterite / Sapolite hosted

  Favorable Gold District of Madagascar